Achieving digitization and climate neutrality are the main goals of the TIPS4PED proposal (Turning cities Planning actions for Positive Energy Districts into success) in which the Municipality of Kozani participates as a partner and was approved for funding from the European Horizon Europe Program, in the total amount of 7.4 million euro.

The Municipality of Kozani, in collaboration with the Cluster of Bioeconomy & Environment of Western Macedonia – CLUBE and 16 other partners, will design, develop and test through the pilot program, the effectiveness and techno-economic viability of a Digital Twin platform, with the aim of creating Positive Energy Areas.

The TIPS4PED platform will be able to support municipalities in decision-making, providing a range of evidence-based results, increasing the environmental sustainability of cities and reducing operational costs.

TIPS4PED solutions will be tested in one flagship city (Turin), where the smart automation platform will be connected to a sensor system for real-time data management, while replication studies will be conducted in three follow-on cities (Cork, Kozani and Budapest ).

The test and replication phase will lead to the creation of 4 Digital Twins and ultimately a climate neutrality action plan. TIPS4PED seeks to propose easily scalable and replicable technologies and digital optimization as a key solution to achieving the EU’s 2030 targets.


The digital twin is the virtual 3D model of the city, depicting its pulse in real time, while providing real time information about the physical environment. As a result, cities can use digital twins to gain valuable insights into their operations and better understanding of the needs of their citizens.

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