Four European cities participating in the European STARDUST project of the Horizon 2020 Program expressed in a teleconference on 28 March 2022 their intention to cooperate and exchange knowledge on the transition to climate neutrality.

Kozani (Greece), Cluj (Romania), Pamplona (Spain) and Tampere (Finland) discussed and shared their vision for achieving climate neutrality, as they have all submitted their proposals to the Mission of Cities, aiming to achieve zero emissions by 2030. 

The teleconference was attended by: 

 – Martin Stroleny, Project Manager, Greenovate! Europe

 – Virginia Mosteyrin Periduero, Managing Director, Greenovate! Europe

 – Noula Tompoulidou, Vice-Mayor, responsible for Technical Projects and Services

 – Dimitris Kakoulides, Head of Mayor’s Office, Municipality of Kozani

 – Adrian Răulea, Program Director (Cluj Metropolitan Association)

 – Koldo Urrutia Azcona, Researcher at Urban Transformation Lab, Tecnalia Research and Innovation

 – Anna Vilhula, Project Manager, City of Tampere

 – Yannis Fallas, Director, Cluster of Bioeconomy and Environment of Western Macedonia

The deputy mayor, Noula Toumpoulidou, underlined that “Cooperation and mutual exchange of ideas and best practices can enhance development, while our possible common approach to funding opportunities can strengthen our joint efforts.”

The European Mission of “100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030” will meet the needs of redesign and rejuvenation of urban areas, with the aim of improving the urban environment and the environmental footprint, reducing emissions from mobility, as well as the digital transformation of urban areas. In this context, the Stardust project provides a rich background of ideas and applications for proposal preparation.

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