The first working meeting in the framework of the implementation of SYMBI project’s Action A4 entitled “Digital tools and Circular Economy” took place online, on Wednesday, March 2, 2022.

The teleconference was attended by 22 people, including the working group of 9 project partners, from 7 different countries, site operators and administrators of digital tools. The meeting was organized and coordinated by the Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, Government of Slovenia, who is a partner of the project.

The workshop presented 15 good practices of digital tools, used in partner regions to facilitate the transition to the Circular Economy and to address the challenges that arose during this transition. The tools presented are innovative applications, such as digital information exchange platforms and big data management applications.

The purpose of the web meeting was to present the key characteristics of good practices by each partner and to evaluate them according to specific criteria, which concern:

 The functionality

The utility

The added value

The Sustainability

 And the ability to transfer / repeat good practice.

The workshop closed with the evaluation of the tools and specific proposals for their transfer to each partner area. The results of the research will be further processed by the working group of the Slovenian partner and will be recorded in a detailed report, which will be accessible to all.

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