Strategic Plan “Kozani – Smart City” (May 2020)

Strategic Plan “Kozani – Smart City” (May 2020)

Smart is the city that has realized the multiple opportunities of technology and uses it in order to improve the daily life of the citizen and the entire Municipality, while reducing its energy footprint. In a smart city the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) leads to more efficient use of resources and minimization of environmental pollution, smarter urban transport networks, upgraded water supply networks and waste disposal facilities, more efficient electric lighting and heating systems, among others. The administration becomes more interactive, the public spaces more secure, while the needs of the elderly and the disabled are taken into consideration.

The city becomes an innovation hub. It attracts entrepreneurship and facilitates its development. It becomes attractive to young people, pupils and students, as well as every citizen who experiences the human-centered social policy, feels safe through organized and strengthened civil protection structures as well as transparency and meritocracy through participatory processes, equal opportunities and upgraded e-government.

The success of the smart city’s vision has as precondition citizens’ participation, the quality of programs, services and training, solidarity with the citizens, the sectors and the regions that are lagging behind, trust in the administration, equality (access to all) and undertaking appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect users’ personal data.

With the oncoming de-lignification, the Municipality of Kozani will enter a new area, which dictates the reinforcement of the population and the brand name of the Municipality. At the same time, fundamental changes are required in the way citizens perceive the city and the way it operates, as well as by the administration to go beyond its traditional practices and proceed with ICT coupling.

In this frame and in order to transform the local community into a networked urban society, with citizens that will not migrate to other areas but will remain in the Municipality, in September 2019 the Municipal Authority decided to proceed with the design and implementation of the project “Kozani – Smart City”.

After the study of good practices of emblematic smart cities, the current situation as well as the implemented or planned actions were captured and evaluated. It was found that in the Municipality of Kozani there are remarkable infrastructures:

  • The Municipality offers a high level of services to its employees (Integrated Information System, Geographic Information System, Vehicle Fleet Management Software) and to its citizens as well (broadband networks / wifi spots, metropolitan fiber optic network)
  • DEYAK (the municipal company for water supply and drainage) offers a high level of services to its employees (Integrated Information System, Geographic Information System, Vehicle Fleet Management Software) and to the citizens as well (Electronic Services through the website of the organization)
  • KDBK (the municipal library) offers a high level of services to its employees (Integrated Information System) and to the citizens as well (Electronic services through the website of the institution)

The metropolitan character of Kozani in Western Macedonia requires a formative operation related to the main future issues. Its operation as a regional administrative, commercial and economic center has provided the Municipality with a dynamism that can serve its evolution into a scientific, technological, cultural and social innovation hub. The initiatives of the Municipality of Kozani to improve life’s quality in the urban environment as well as to conserve and protect resources can support innovation, through smart and systematic use of cutting-edge technologies.

For the transformation of Kozani into a Smart City, the following actions are proposed:

Environment and Energy (Smart Environment)

As energy requirements are constantly increasing, every city must manage both natural resources and energy in a smart way. The projects proposed in the field of Smart Environment are:

  • The use of LED technology lamps and a smart lightning management system for the whole city
  • Lighting management by connecting each lamp to the network and adjusting motion sensors to activate lighting on low traffic roads. Collection of data on energy consumption, lighting intensity and weather conditions to achieve the optimal combination of energy savings and lighting efficiency
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions with measuring pollutants, temperature, humidity, air and water quality sensors (existing and new) and applications development to inform the authorities / citizens
  • Redesign of the waste collection network (with bin level sensors) for cost reduction and optimized services
  • Redesign of the recycling network to optimize the coverage of places of interest and the whole city
  • Improving the energy efficiency of buildings and an intelligent energy consumption monitoring system
  • Green schools
  • Awareness of recycling, water consumption and energy savings
  • Control and management of the water supply system and groundwater tanks with sensors and use of ICT

Mobility – Transportation (Smart Mobility)

The application of ICT in the transportation sector can contribute to the efficiency and safety improvement of passengers’ transportation as well as to the reduction of air pollution. Advantages of implementing intelligent transportation systems are traffic reduction and road safety improvement through a holistic transportation approach. The projects proposed in the field of Mobility and Transportation are:

  • Smart management of the Municipality’s vehicle fleet through the installation of sensors or the use of already existing ways
  • New intelligent parking management system
  • Electrical vehicle recharging stations
  • Redesign of city bus routes and route tracking system
  • Design smart crossings at selected points
  • Integration of the bicycle into the transportation options

Smart Living

Smart Living emphasizes services that improve life’s quality in the city. The projects proposed in this area are:

  • Smart metering
  • Security
  • Community mapping
  • 3d crossings
  • Collaborative citizens for air quality control
  • Equal access for the disabled
  • Attracting start-up companies
  • Help at home using ICT
  • Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding
  • Smart (digital) culture & Artistic expression
  • Urban orchard

Smart People

Education and research are important for the development of an innovative urban environment. For the implementation, support and development of the infrastructure and strong points of a smart city, citizens’ education is a basic precondition.  By investing in social and human capital, the projects proposed in the Smart Citizens section are integrated into the ICT Educational Innovation Hub, a center with multiple benefits for both the educational community and the citizens.

Smart Government

For citizens’ convenience advanced services by the Municipality are proposed:

  • Development of an application to manage electronic applications for municipal kindergartens and nurseries
  • Software to manage the wi-fi spots of the Municipality of Kozani
  • Development of a mobile application that will interact with the GIS application to include problem reporting, problem solving process, News – Announcements, Actions – Events, etc.
  • Online platform for searching urban planning acts issued by 2018

The set of goals was the vision that was put to public consultation through the website of the Municipality of Kozani, giving all citizens the opportunity to participate in the planning, by submitting ideas and proposals. Comments on the consultation have been evaluated and will be taken into account during the project’s implementation.

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