In the context of the GREENOVATE project of the New European Bauhaus, a workshop on circular economy and connection with the industrial heritage of the city was held.


As a major sponsor of the project, ADMIE S.A. will contribute a total of 70 airlocks (cylindrical metal tanks for compressed air storing) from all over the country, which were at the end of their life cycle, and will then be processed and turned into urban equipment elements. In this way, the circular economy is achieved in practice and equipment that would otherwise be turned into scrap metal and sent to recycling is creatively utilized.


In addition to the implementation of the circular economy and the transformation of waste into resource, something also important is achieved: The connection of the city with its history which is intertwined with industry and energy production. The proposal made through the GREENOVATE project wants to mark the coupling of the old with the new, the lignite economy and green development. It communicates the emergence of the new through the old and the continuity it should have, passing the baton from one technology to another and promoting the transition to something new that will also mark the future city’s, to the students and citizens.


The processing will be done in two smithies in the area under the supervision of Prof. Philip Kalamaras from the School of Fine Arts of Florina to ensure a high aesthetic result. GREENOVATE is funded by the European Institute of Research and Technology (EIT) under the EIT Community Initiative for the New European Bauhaus. The New European Bauhaus is an environmental, economic and cultural project that aims to bring together design, sustainability, accessibility, affordability and investment to contribute to the implementation of the European Green Deal.

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