Smart cities contribute to sustainable development, sustainability and innovation. The Municipality of Kozani in collaboration with the University of Western Macedonia continues the creation of “smart” applications, aiming to transform into a “smart” municipality. 

This time, following the program contract with the University of Western Macedonia, the operation of “smart” parking for people with disabilities has already started.

More specifically, “smart” sensors have been installed at 8 points in the city of Kozani. The sensors recognize whether a vehicle is parked in the given space, the parking time, its departure, and whether this space is free and available for parking or occupied.

The data is collected by the Municipality of Kozani and UOWM in order to collect information about the positions, and to solve problems of the system, for its perfect operation in the future.

As underlined by the Deputy Mayor for Digital Transition and New Technologies, Anastasios Rafailidis, “This “smart” application will make it easier for people with disabilities to park, while in a second stage it is expected to provide a solution to finding parking for all drivers”.

In the next stage of the process, an app will be created, to help the user access all controlled parking spaces and know the available spaces in the city.

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