The Deputy Mayor of the Environment of the Municipality of Kozani and the Department of Greenery proceeded with another tree planting. This time the tree planting took place in the Kleitos village in collaboration with the LIFE TERRA program.

The area of ​​approximately 6 hectares, was strengthened with 250 trees, as after the appropriate formation volunteers residents of the village, the mayor of Kozani Lazaros Maloutas, the deputy mayor of Environment Miltos Maggiridis, the president of the Village Costas Korkotidis, and the geotechnical engineers of the Municipality and of Life Terra, proceeded to plant the trees on Friday, April 7, 2023.

The offer of LIFE TERRA program was special. It made the young plants available, while its partners contributed to the perfect organization and completion of the tree planting.

The village of N. Kleitos will maintain the plants during the summer with the help of resident volunteers.

The Department of Greenery of the Municipality of Kozani with its specialized staff implements interventions, in the context of the sustainable management of urban greenery.

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