The project implementation team visited the private kindergarten “Liliupoupoli” in the village Krokos, the 1st Primary School of Krokos as well as the Primary School of Drepano village. The children were informed about the program “Make my city Beautiful and Green” and they were asked to design the green city of the future!

There was a simulation of the municipal council where each participant had to fulfill a role with the purpose of planning a sustainable and green city. The children, like other architects, drew on paper and created with plasticine the green spots that will beautify their city/neighborhood/school.

✅The purpose of the information activities is to raise awareness among young people and their parents about the GREENOVATE project “Greening and beautifying my city” by utilizing recyclable materials to create green spaces and urban equipment.

The GREENOVATE project will shape green points and the schools and kindergartens participating in the action will be invited to adopt and take care of them, by actively participating in all phases of the project.

GREENOVATE is funded by the European Institute of Research and Technology (EIT) under the EIT Community Initiative for the New European Bauhaus, which is an environmental, economic and cultural project that aims to bring together design, sustainability, accessibility, affordability and investment to contribute to the implementation of the European Green Deal.

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