The Municipality of Kozani takes another step towards the transition to climate neutrality by joining the CrAFt (Creating Actionable Futures) Network, with 59 more European cities.

The CrAFt Network selects its member cities after an evaluation process, with the aim of coordinating and supporting their transformation to climate neutrality and intelligence by 2030.

In this direction, CrAFt Network aims to develop synergies between the public sector, academic and research institutions, the private sector and civil society.

Joining the network makes the role of the Municipality of Kozani even more active in the New European Bauhaus, as the benefits of joining include the provision of technical support for the Cities Mission, as well as for the initiatives that the Municipality takes in the context of the New European Bauhaus.

The municipality will strengthen its capacity to complete approved projects, such as the flagship project “Eyes Hearts Hands Urban Revolution” which joined the Horizon research program as one of the 5 “flagship” projects on a European level. The Municipality of Kozani is the first municipality in Greece to take a project in the New European Bauhaus.

Finally, through joining the Network, the Municipality of Kozani will manage to create innovative tools for the participation of agencies and civil society, aimed at the further development of projects and actions of aesthetic upgrading, inclusion and sustainability, with the aim of climate neutrality.

* The official announcement of joining the Network: -2030/ 

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