The procurement and installation of eighteen (18) systems of underground waste collection bins was completed in order to further develop the program of alternative waste collection system (household & recyclable) in the Municipality of Kozani, to meet the needs of hygienic storage to areas that do not allow the use of standard wheeled bins due to spatial planning difficulties, or in places that require aesthetic and architectural upgrading of their surroundings.

This procurement took place within the framework of the “PROCUREMENT AND INSTALLATION OF URBAN EQUIPMENT IN PUBLIC SPACES ” of the Municipality of Kozani.  80% of funding comes from the Green Fund “Environmental Balance Actions” 2019-2020, of Priority Axis 1: “Urban Reconstruction” while the rest 20% of funding comes from the resources of the Municipality of Kozani.

In the context of the upgrade and promotion of the urban natural environment, the sustainable management of municipal waste and the improvement of city’s urban equipment, the development of the underground network of temporary waste storage bins is one of the priorities of the Municipality of Kozani. The network is under gradual development, with four (4) new points now being added to the existing one. More specifically systems were installed:

-in the junction of Olympus and Thessaloniki streets

-on Plataion Street

-on Makrygianni Street

-on Dadamogia Street

To improve collection planning, these underground bins have their own “Filling Level Monitoring System”. The fill-level sensors transmit the information via GSM network to a specialized platform accessible via internet. In this way, the Department of Environment/Cleaning has now the ability to monitor online the filling level of each underground bin, in order to plan the collection routes accordingly, avoiding unnecessary itineraries of garbage trucks for empty bins and/or predict emergency itineraries for bins that have been unexpectedly filled.

For the collection of the underground bins, a garbage truck of the Municipality has been retrofitted with a new suitable crane.

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