The Municipality of Kozani, in order to harmonize with the national requirements for the promotion of clean transportation, prepares the Charging Plan for Electric Vehicles for its area of ​​responsibility.

The Municipality’ project team  has developed an online questionnaire, through which the active participation of citizens, organizations and visitors of the city is sought, in order to express their views on e-mobility.

Your views, preferences, ideas and observations are important elements that will be used for the optimization of the Municipality’s plan in the following areas:

-better location of the stations in the Municipality’s area

-ensuring the viability of the proposed solutions

-formulating incentives to promote electric vehicles

For this purpose, we address the residents, agencies and visitors of our Municipality and we rely on active participation in the planning by completing this survey.

You can find the research at the following link:

Or by scanning the QR code:
The elaboration of the plan is financed by the green fund
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