In the 1990s the TEI of Western Macedonia developed a network for monitoring air quality and informing citizens in real or near-real time, in our region. The responsibility for the operation and development of this network is currently held by the UOWM.

This data timeline is an important tool for the Municipality’s environmental planning for a smart and sustainable city, and also another essential contribution of the UOWM for the region.

The Municipality of Kozani intends to continue the operation of the air quality control network and in particular:

– The possibility of rezoning the network and the addition of IoT sensors so that it covers all the peculiarities of the Municipality of Kozani.

– The monitoring and recording of the environmental footprint of all data at local, regional and national level, such as updates in the energy sector, the road axes that cross the Municipality, interventions by the municipal authority in the context of the declaration of Kozani’s transition to Climate Neutrality to 2030, socioeconomic impacts of the pandemic.

– Data presentation through the Municipality’s and UOWM’s websites (current state of air quality and health effects based on measurements displayed on an interactive map with smart applications).

– The study of the effect of emissions from the road axes that cross the Municipality of Kozani, on the air pollution levels of the area

The results will help in evaluating the effectiveness and redefining the actions of the Municipality of Kozani for the transition to Climate Neutrality and the implementation of the environmental commitments for zero pollution.

At the same time, the University serves its educational and research purposes at the level of undergraduates, postgraduates, PhD candidates, with the support of the Municipality of Kozani.

The contract was signed by the Mayor of Kozani, Lazaros Maloutas, and the Vice Chancellor of the UOWM & President of the Research Committee, Professor Stergios Maropoulos, on Wednesday, July 7, 2022, at the City Hall.

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