Forty cities from across Europe are taking part in the first cohort of the NetZeroCities Twinning Programme, creating a growing network of cities to make more than 100 cities climate neutral by 2030.

Selected cities will be ‘twinned’ with a pilot city or cluster of cities that are already innovating and piloting decarbonisation activities as part of the European mission.

Kozani, the only Greek city selected in the 1st phase of the pilot cities program (Net Zero Cities/Pilot Cities Programme), becomes a “twin” with the Romanian city of Alba Iulia, with the aim of exchanging knowledge and transferring good practices. The Twin Cities program is the latest step in the “100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030” European Mission. It aims to help cities collaborate and share knowledge to accelerate their progress towards climate neutrality.

The two-year program is based on a hands-on approach of knowledge sharing and collaboration of executives from the pilot cities to the “twin” cities, while also enabling a learning framework where the pilot cities can also learn from the experiences of the twin cities. Upon completion of the learning cycle, the Twin Cities will integrate learnings from pilot activities throughout the city.

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