Significant benefits forthe citizens in a period of energy costs soaring

The Municipality of Kozani aims to cover 100% of its electricity needs through virtual net-metering.

Pioneering once again at national level, the Municipality of Kozani, with the first project of its Energy Community, with a budget of 3,600,000 euros, proceeds with the installation of photovoltaic systems with a total capacity of 6 MW.

As the mayor of Kozani, LazarosMaloutas, underlined, “We are working towards our municipality becoming the first municipality in the country with a zerocarbon footprint. Our ambition is to achieve climate neutrality within the next 10 years, laying a solid foundation for Kozani to join the European Mission for the “100 Climate Neutral Cities in Europe by 2030”.

“Kozani of the future is climate neutral” stressed the mayor of Kozani, noting that the project of the Energy Community of the Municipality of Kozani will save about 1,400,000 euros for the citizens, as the cost of street lighting is a compensatory service covered by the municipality. At the same time,Kozani is a role model city as the utilization of RES could be a good example to othermunicipalities.

It is noted that the project will simultaneously fully cover the needs for electricity of municipal & school buildings, municipal lighting, irrigation drilling and sports facilitiesat a rate of 100%.

The ambition and claim of the municipal authority is that the photovoltaic park should be 100% fundedby the Ministry of Environment and Energy as a case study. In any case, alternative funding sources for the project are being explored.

The Municipality of Kozani, a pioneer in the field of environment and energy management, with significant environmental and economic benefits for its citizens, is moving dynamically towards RES and energy saving. Ithas developed innovative energy and environmental applications for the country, such as district heating, waste management and recycling.

It is one of the first municipalities that proceeded with the installation of photovoltaic stations in municipal school buildings since 2012, while so far photovoltaic systems with a total installed capacity of 339.18 kW, in over 50% of school unitshave been installed. At the same time, through the utilization of municipal areas for RES investments, it ensures the construction of photovoltaic systems that cover the electricity consumption of its citizens.

Moreover, with a series of actions in the field of energy saving in municipal buildings through their energy upgrades, in the energy upgrade of municipal lighting, the integration of electromobilityfor the transportation of its departments and its commitments with its participation in the Covenant of Mayors proves in practice that the Municipality of Kozani can address the challenges of climate change even more effectively.

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