An event for the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the General Secretariat of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment of the Ministry of the Interior and 83 cities/Municipalities, took place on Friday, February 3, 2022, at the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

The object of the memorandum is to define the areas of cooperation, as well as the horizontal actions to achieve the goal of climate neutrality. The Municipality of Kozani co-signed the memorandum, represented by the mayor Lazaros Maloutas.

The Municipality of Kozani had also co-signed a memorandum with 20 more municipalities about a year ago.

According to the presentations of the general secretary of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment, Efthimios Bakoyannis and his colleagues:


• The memorandum is a precursor to the creation of a “Greek Mission of Cities” alike the European Mission of 100 cities, in which the Municipality of Kozani is participating

• Parties will receive further guidance and timelines for developing a climate action plan

• There will be funding from the Green Fund (for the 6 Municipalities it was already known) for 2023, for the development of these plans, but also in the following years for the implementation of actions

• In the following period, the process of obtaining the Greek Label (alike the European Label of the mission of 100 cities) will be announced, to strengthen the claim for funding from national programs.


Lazaros Maloutas, mayor of Kozani, Maria Vasilakou, expert of the European Commission on issues of climate neutral cities, former deputy mayor of Vienna, Efthimios Bakoyannis, c.g. Spatial Planning and Urban Environment

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