Citizens co-create proposals for the Climate Neutral and Smart Kozani by 2030, through the meetings of the Citizens’ Climate Board (CCB), organized by the Municipality of Kozani.

The aim of this initiative is to inform the citizens about the vision of Kozani as well as the development of a platform for dialogue with the citizens, leading to the development of a wider Citizens’ Climate Board (CCB), whose object will be the co-planning of the Municipality’s strategy for achieving Climate Neutrality.

The 1st meeting of the Citizens’ Climate Board (CCB) took place on Thursday, January 20, 2022, with the Mayor of Kozani, Lazaro Malouta, emphasizing the importance of the communication channel between citizens and the municipal authority. After Kozani’s selection as one of the 100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030, in the framework of the European Mission of Cities, the Citizens’ Climate Board (CCB) will be an ongoing partner for the planning and implementation of actions that will follow, providing useful advice and monitoring the proper implementation of the Municipality’s strategy.

The 1st meeting of the Citizens’ Climate Board (CCB) was particularly important, as it was the opening event with the citizens, which inaugurated a new era of participatory planning with the society, using not only innovative governance tools, but also engaging the society in decision making.

It is noted that the process was implemented with the support of the Cluster of Bioeconomy and Environment of Western Macedonia (CluBE) and coordinated by Dr. George Marnellos, Professor of the University of Western Macedonia.

You can participate in the co-design by filling out the questionnaire:

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