“With the Climate City Contract, Kozani comes one step closer to achieving climate neutrality”, underlined the mayor of Kozani, Lazaros Maloutas, signing the “Climate City Contract”.

The signing of the contract is implemented within the framework of Kozani’s participation in the European Mission for “100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030”. To achieve this goal, the Municipality of Kozani will cooperate with a large number of agencies and businesses.

The climate contract was signed by the General Secretary of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment Efthimios Bakoyannis, Western Macedonia Regional Governor George Kassapidis, Rector of University of Western Macedonia Theodoros Theodoulidis and the CEO of the Cluster of Bioeconomy & Environment of Western Macedonia Nikos Davos, the president of DIADYMA Panagiotis Plakentas, as well as the president of DEYAK Kostas Kytidis.

The purpose of this initiative is the shift to greener forms of energy and economy, aiming among other things to increase employment, responding to the other major challenge of population decline. This transition to a cleaner future is a challenge but also a huge opportunity for citizens and businesses in the region to develop new economic activities.

The Municipality of Kozani has already proceeded to draw up a large and multi-level action plan, covering the areas of clean energy development, green mobility and transport, improved waste management and circular economy, green infrastructure development and e-government. The action plan is accompanied by an investment plan, where the financial tools and available resources for its implementation are recorded.

In addition, the Municipality of Kozani has signed Memorandums of Cooperation for the climate neutrality of Kozani until 2030, with KTEL Urban Lines Kozani S.A., the TAXI Owners Association of Kozani “Agios Christoforos”, DEΥA Kozani, DIADYMA S.A. and the Energy Community of the Municipality of Kozani.

Also, a declaration of cooperation with the Municipality of Kozani has been signed by the TEE/Department of Western Macedonia, ANKO, the Chamber of Kozani, the Association of Property Owners of Kozani and the Economic Chamber of Greece/5th Precinct. West Macedonia.

The Municipality of Kozani is thankful for the kind cooperation of all agencies on the way to achieving climate neutrality.

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