The Municipality of Kozani, DIADYMA SA and the Cluster of Economics and Environment of Western Macedonia (CluBE) are implementing the project “In2UCO – Integrated innovative pilot oil management with the participation of citizens and students” funded by the Green Fund and promote a new, innovative, easy to use and clean system for separate collection of cooking oil by households.

On Tuesday, 08.05.2022 at 13:00-14:00, a special event is planned for the residents of the Agios Dimitrios area (Ypsilantou street), the project will be presented and instructions will be given on the new system’s operation.

Cooking oil is an extremely polluting household waste and is responsible for a variety of problems in soil, aquatic ecosystems, sewage systems and biological treatment. Its environmentally orientated management requires its separate collection and delivery to licensed companies for promotion.

During the event, citizens will be given special green containers for the cooking oil collection. Green ATMs will be placed in the neighborhoods of the city. The first ATM has already been installed in Platania area.

Using DIADYMA SA digital services, citizens can register in the cooking oil collection reward program on the online platform and receive special barcode stickers with unique user codes.

The Municipality of Kozani, consistent in its commitments, is planning to achieve climate neutrality by 2030, which is reflected in the Declaration of Climate Neutrality “Kozani 2030 – A Green and Smart City” (as approved by Decision of the Municipal Council 216/31-7-2021).

The IN2UCO project, with a total budget of € 50,000.00 is funded by the Green Fund – Program “Natural environment & innovative actions” Measure: “Innovative Actions with Citizens”

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