The process of reusing and recycling used clothes and shoes has started in the Municipality of Kozani.

With the slogan “Give your clothes a new life”, the Deputy Mayor of the Environment of the Municipality of Kozani placed, twenty (20) bins in the city, implementing the first phase of the program. The streets are:

· Dadamoya Street, next to the underground bins

· Dimokratias Street, at the Headquarters of the Region of Western Macedonia

· Halkidiki and Argyrokastrou corner, at the park

· Panteli Horn Street, outside the 1st Highschool of Kozani

· Agias Paraskevis Street, next to the underground bins

· Stefanou Stamkidi Street, next to the underground bins

· Cyprus and Rousiadou corner, next to the cooking oil recycling ATM

· K. Tsatsou and Aimou corner, opposite to the church of Agios georgios

· Patr. Ioakim & Marg. Dimtsa corner,

· Athinon & Anatolikis Romilias corner, in the park,

· El. Miliou Street, outside of the 3rd Municipal Kindergarten,

· Anaximeni and Vakalopoulou corner, opposote the church of Panagia Faneromeni,

· I. Kakridi Street, next to the underground bins,

· I. Papafi Street, next to the underground bins

· Aianis & September 3rd corner,

· Bouboulinas Street, next to the underground bins,

· Lassani Square,

· Mitropoliti Fotiou & Heimarras corner, next to the underground bin,

· Epirou & Grammou corner,

· Z. Yahnika and I. Tsimiski corner,

as well as eight bins in the villages of

· Krokos

· Aiani

· Drepano

· Koilada

· Koila

· Mavrodendri

At these points, citizens can recycle clothes, shoes, belts, children’s toys, bags, curtains, blankets, pillows and sheets, after first placing them into bags and then discarding them in the purple bin.

The creation of a clothing and footwear collection network aims to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the green bin, to reuse clothes and to recycle the materials of clothes that are not suitable for reuse.

At the same time, through this action, the work of the Directorate of Social Protection of our Municipality is supported, as excellent quality items that will be collected from the purple bins, will be given to Social Structures or charitable organizations.

See the relevant statement of the deputy mayor for Environment, Miltos Maggiridιs, here:

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