The first meeting of the mayors of the six Greek cities participating in the European Mission “100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030”, took place in the presence of General Secretary of Spatial Planning and Urban Environment, Efthymios Bakogiannis, on Monday, June 22 at Ministry for the Environment and Energy, in Athens.

The purpose of the meeting was to find solutions to accelerate the transition of cities to climate neutrality and digital transformation. The strengthening of the cooperation of the six cities (Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Kalamata, Kozani and Trikala), as well as the other Greek cities that submitted candidacies to the Mission was discussed, within the framework of an Agreement of Cooperation Agreement to be signed in January 2022.

The discussion was about the issues:

· The financing of the whole project from European, state and private funds

· The law regulations that are necessary to be carried out for the implementation of the Mission

· The technical solutions that must be given in order to draft the Cities’ Climate Contracts

· The communication policy in order to inform the community

This meeting is the first step for a strategic policy of the Municipalities and the Ministry for the Environment and Energy.

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