An educational visit to the Unified Special Vocational Gymnasium-Lyceum of Kozani, in Ano Komi village, was carried out today by the Municipality of Kozani, the Cluster of Bioeconomy & Environment of Western Macedonia – CLUBE and Diadyma.

The mayor of Kozani, Lazaros Maloutas, the deputy mayor of Urban Planning, Climate Neutrality & Degarbonization, Vassilis Goumas, the director of the Cluster, Yannis Fallas, were present, while DIADYMA was represented by Eugenia Karapatsiou.

The attendees informed the students about issues related to climate neutrality, how recycling can become a way of life, but also about the use of bio-based products.

The educational visit was carried out in the context of the cooperation between the agencies and the environmental programs of school activities implemented by the Unified Special Vocational Gymnasium-Lyceum of Kozani.

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