Climanet: Network for climate neutrality created by greek municipalities participating in the Cities Mission

The six Greek municipalities, together with Limassol, Cyprus, which participate in the Mission “100 climate neutral cities of Europe by 2030” proceeded to establish a network under the name “Climanet”.

The establishment of the network was formalized with the signing of the statute at an event on the island of Ioannina, on Thursday, June 15 2023, in the presence of representatives of organizations. The work was welcomed by the general secretaries of the Ministry of the Environment, Alexandra Sdoukou and Efthimios Bakoyannis.

Present at the establishment of Climanet” were the mayor of Trikala and president of KEDE Dimitris Papastergiou, the mayor of Kozani Lazaros Maloutas, the mayor of Ioannina Dimitris Papageorgiou, the deputy mayor of Athens Christos Tedomas, the deputy mayor of Thessaloniki Michalis Koupkas, the deputy mayor of Kalamata Nikolaos Basakidis and the municipal councilor President of the European Affairs Committee of the Municipality of Limassol, Haris Trikis.

Aspects of the European Mission for the 100 climate neutral cities with a central axis “from and to the citizens” were analyzed by the members of the Mission Board “100 Climate Neutral Cities by 2030” Chrysis Nikolaidis and Maria Vassilakou.

The mayor of Kozani, Lazaros Maloutas, underlined that “The goal of the network is the coordinated and joint effort of all municipalities, in order to solve problems and claim resources. Our ultimate goal is to make climate neutrality goals achievable by 2030, given the significant contribution this effort will have for local economic development.”

The six Greek cities and Limassol undertake to lead the great effort started by Europe and become climate neutral by 2030, with the aim of the rest of Europe following the same model by 2050.

In the second session of the event, the presentation of the Cooperation Network for Climate Neutrality of the cities of Greece and Cyprus took place and the conclusions of the meeting were codified.

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