The citizens of the Municipality of Kozani will now be able to recycle the used cooking oil of their households in two green ATMs, utilizing the innovative system of separate collection of used cooking oil. 

The second ATM for cooking oil recycling was placed in the area of ​​Agios Dimitrios, on Ypsilandou Street (opposite the 2nd Primary School) and was presented at a special event, on Tuesday, April 12, 2022, by the Municipality of Kozani, DIADYMA and the Cluster of Economics and Environment of Western Macedonia (CluBE). 

The action was implemented in the framework of the project “In2UCO – Integrated innovative pilot management of cooking oil with the participation of citizens and students” funded by the Green Fund. It promotes an easy to use and clean system of separate collection of cooking oil used by households in the Municipality. 

Through the cooking oil recycling platform ( the citizens can be informed about the oil that can be recycled, the negative effects of the mismanagement of oil as waste and the areas where the ATMs are located. Also, citizens can collect reward points by registering on the platform and after activating their personal barcode.

Citizens can get collection bottles, barcode and cooking oil recycling guide from the Municipality of Kozani at 2461350442 and at, from DIADYMA at 2461045531 and also from zerowaste@dia the CLUBE (Cluster of Bioeconomics and Environment of Western Macedonia) at 2461056625 and at

The Municipality of Kozani is planning to achieve climate neutrality for Kozani by 2030, which is reflected in the Declaration “Kozani 2030 – A Green and Smart City”.

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